* Important Disclaimer* Make the note that these movies are in no particular order. They are random as I thought them up from the top of my head.


My Comments/Reasons for Enjoying this Movie

10 Things I Hate About You

First off, this movie contains the wonderful acting skills of Heath Ledger. So okay, he's not the greatest actor in the world, but he is really freaking hot. So that's a major plus. In addition, it's a teen romantic comedy (or comedic romance according to KT) and I'm a big sucker for romantic comedies. Anyway, the movie is also good, because it takes a famous Shakespearean play and transforms it into a movie that all ages can enjoy. My 28 year old sister saw it and liked it too. And she rarely likes any movies that I do. Broad family appeal, clean humor (dicks drawn on faces, but no dropping of the f-bomb), and a good message makes this movie great.

The Goonies I'm a sucker for bad 80's movies, but this is a good 80's movie! All of the actors have gone on to different things, and it's fun to see how everyone started out. Plus, there's plenty of humor and a pirate ship. You have to love pirates. (Go One-Eyed Willy!)
The Princess Bride Damn, this is a good movie. Fantasy, romance, action, this movie has it all. Plus, it has Cary Elwes. He should be in more movies and in more leading roles. Anybody want a peanut?
Memphis Belle This movie is about a B-17 bomber in WWII is wonderful. And, it stars 8 very hot guys who have gone on to bigger and better things. Who wouldn't like it?
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves I can't say enough about this movie. I can pretty much quote the whole thing. Watch it over and over again and enjoy Morgan Freeman's speech at the end, Christian Slater's bad acting, and Alan Rickman's joy at playing the Sheriff of Nottingham. I might go watch it now. 
Mulan One of the best Disney movies made. I do love Disney movies, but most are rather cheesy. This one is good without being stupid. The music is wonderful and you can't help but be attracted to the animated captain. (Come on, admit it, you are, I know!)
American Beauty "Wow!" That was my first impression to this movie and it just grows from there. This movie is awesome and shows how messed up the American society is. I love it. Wes Bentley is now my new hero. He had an excellent role and played it perfectly. 
Billy Madison Okay, this movie is incredibly stupid and full of dumb humor. But I love it. Who else but Adam Sandler can get away with basing a move on a kid who has to graduated from grades 1-12 in 12 weeks? No one. 
American President Man, I don't care how old Michael Douglas is, there's just something about him that I really like. And this movie gets major points for being the only one that my mother can stay awake during. 
Romancing the Stone Another Michael Douglas film. I grew up with this movie. It's awesome. It starts out like a western, turns into a rainforest hike, and ends with a crocodile battle. You have to love this movie. 
Maverick Mel Gibson is the man in this movie. He just really gets into character and enjoys himself. The best scene is the conversation between Mel and Graham Greene. It's a classic. 
True Lies I normally hate Arnold Schwartenegger, but this movie is too funny to pass up. Very outlandish and not realistic at all, but enjoyable as a fun evening of spy tricks. 
Spaceballs Mel Brooks makes a great movie here with an off-take on Star Wars. You have to see the original to fully enjoy this spoof, but the time spent is well worth it. And, for some unknown and very strange reason, I really like Bill Pullman. 
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade As an archaeology student, there is no way that I can't put this movie on the list. Indiana Jones is what everyone thinks an archaeologist does in his spare time. And if that was true, there were be far more archaeologists in this world. Thankfully for me, there are not. 
A Bug's Life My second Disney movie on the list. This movie has wonderful scenery and a cute plot. My favorite characters are Tuck and Roll, who can't speak a word of English. 
Dogma Kevin Smith is funnier than hell. I love this movie because it satirizes instead of flat out humor and makes the viewer think rather than just laugh. 
American Pie I know, I'm sad to have this one on the list, but for about 3 months last year, I think that I saw this movie practically every other day. It's just so funny and yet somewhat realistic. (Granted, if my prom ended up like that, my friends and I would have much better stories.)
Anastasia I just really like this movie. I'm also a sucker for animation, as you can probably tell by now. And Dimitri is just about the hottest animated character out there. Really, see it and then tell me that he's not hot. 
Shawshank Redemption This movie is remarkable. I love Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, and they both do a kick ass job here. Any movie is which you can "get back at the man" is a wonderful movie in my book. 
Monty Python and the Holy Grail A classic comedy that only gets funnier the more times you see it. When you're talking about the Middle Ages, you must have your "obligatory Monty Python quote". 
Die Hard With a Vengeance I had to put this one on her if only for my sister, whose favorite actor of all time is Bruce Willis. But, when you combine Samuel L. Jackson in on the fun, you get a humorous and action packed movie that keeps you glued to your chair. The music is wonderful also and I love Jeremy Irons, who play the villain with ease.
French Kiss Man oh man, is this a great movie. The quotes from this movie are hilarious and I still love Meg Ryan (even though she left Dennis Quaid for Russell Crowe). I love the Paris setting and the ultimate quote of all time "Men are bastards" will live on forever!!
Innerspace This movie is so stupid, it's funny. When the bad guys get shrunk, they just crack me up. Plus, it has Dennis Quaid, and he's dancing around and you even get a butt shot. Excellent. 


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