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As Stated Before, I go to the movies a lot. 

Here are the movies that I have seen since the beginning of the year. 

This will be updated ASAP after I see my latest movie. 


Title Review Rating

(Scale of 1-10)

Shrek I did a bad thing before watching this movie. I read the reviews. And all the reviews were great. So I thought, hey, this should be a great movie. Bad Robin. Not that the movie wasn't good, but I didn't think that it was great. I had heard that Eddie Murphy's voice as the donkey was his best comedic role yet. It was the same as his character in Mulan. The only time I really laughed a lot was when they were torturing the Gingerbread Man. But otherwise, there were only a few chuckles here and there. It's good for the kids, but with adult fair, but definitely not in the same league as Toy Story or A Bug's Life. Dreamworks still has some work to do. 


A Knight's Tale Okay, I saw this movie on a whim with a few friends. I had heard that the reviews weren't very good, but any movie with Heath Ledger can't be too bad. And it wasn't too bad. But not great. I guess I just had a hard time getting over the modern aspects of medieval Europe, as explained thru jousting. It was pure heaven to see Heath Ledger for an entire movie. Damn, he's hot. But even he couldn't save this movie. I give it a whoa. I'd see it again, but only when I don't have to pay for it.  5
The Mummy Returns I love a good archaeology movie, especially one that gives a lot of fun to the boring occupation. This movie was great, in the fact that it entertained very well. I laughed when I was supposed to (even if I didn't want to) and I was hiding my face when you were supposed to hide your face (What can I say? I'm a wuss.). As long as you can get over the glaring historical and geographical inaccuracies, (you cannot see the great pyramids at Giza when you are in Cairo and many girls from Egypt must have been named Nefertiti) then you should have no problem enjoying the movie. It was an enjoyable summer excursion to tantalize my brain cells.  7
Bridget Jones' Diary So, as we all know, I am a huge, huge sucker for romantic comedies. Especially one's featuring the underdog who gets the hot looking guy. I have to admit though, that I read the book (which was tens times better than the movie) but was still able to enjoy the movie. They had revamped the plot to allow for a more complete and happy ending, and it worked well for the movie. Above all though, you have to fall in love with Colin Firth by the end of this movie. I mean come on, it's Colin Firth. And, if he can tear my attention away from Hugh Grant, that's a major feat. This is definitely a "buy" movie and worth seeing again. (Did I mention that Colin Firth is in it?) Go see it and enjoy the movie, if only for the eye candy and fun dialogue.  8.5
Enemy at the Gates Okay, for some reason, there have been a lot of movie out there nowadays that constitute as "war movies". And that makes sense, since the majority of the Oscar winners in the part few years have been historical epics. This isn't one of those movies. This one is good, if for the only fact that it has both Jude Law and Joseph Fiennes in it. And trust me, it was enjoyable to look at both of them for the length of the movie. But, even their acting couldn't save the movie from it's plot, one that was too predictable and even boring at times. Too cliché for my taste, yet graphic enough to serve a purpose of telling what really happened in Russia during WWII.  6


I saw this movie tonight, and I'm still trying to get it organized in my head. I usually enjoy dark, brooding movies, but when it's dark and psychotic, I tend to feel a little uneasy. If you're reading this, stop reading if you don't want to hear any specific details about the movie. For the rest of you, here's what I think. The storyline was so-so. It was a major change of pace from the original Silence, which centered mostly on Clarice with bits of Hannibal. Hannibal the movie centers mostly on, *shocks all around*, Hannibal and only a little about Clarice. It was a bit too graphic for my tastes. If they showed this type of stuff on the television, people would be crying out in outrage. Of course, I could just be a pansy, but if you remember the original, the violence was kept to a minimum to emphasize the storyline. The original and its sequel are vastly different movies. It seemed to me that while both were good, the sequel entertains while the original teaches a story.  6

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

This movie is awesome. It has everything: romance, suspense, mystery, action. The action sequences are just amazing, made by the same guy who did the action scenes for the Matrix. I love the fact that a foreign film is finally getting some play time in the United States. It's about time. Go and see it and tell all your friends to see it!! 9
Save the Last Dance Yes, unfortunately, I went and saw this movie. It's not too bad, but very unrealistic to me. I went with friends; it was a peer-pressure movie. I enjoyed the dancing, but there are better teen dance movies out there, even if you just want to get out your old worn out copy of Footloose.  5


I enjoyed this movie, even though not many of the other people with me did. Their loss. Anyway, it was amazing to see how everything intertwines and the construction of the movie was slightly reminiscent of Go. Drugs never looked this cool and Mexico never looked this yellow. Even in Tijuana.  8


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