When Bad Lines Happen to Good People...

This part of my vast movie section to my web page will be devoted to a subject which is near and dear to my heart. I love movies. I do. But it breaks my heart to see movies torn apart in the middle by bad acting or just plain bad lines. The classic example of this is in Dirty Dancing when Patrick Swazye, at the very end, goes to drag Jennifer Grey onto the stage before the "I've Had the Time of My Life" song. He turns to Jerry Orbach, who play's Jennifer's dad and says the worst line ever....

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner."

Thus effectively killing any mood that was creating by a dramatic showdown of wills. This is the classic example. 

Other Bad Lines include lines added at the end of a movie, put in simply for comedic effect, but result in killing any happiness you had for the movie. These lines leave a bitter taste in your mouth when the movie is finished. For example, one of my favorite movies is 10 Things I Hate About You. It's an excellent movie, but at the very end, when Heath Ledger gives Julia Stiles a guitar, and she tells him that he can't but her a guitar every time they get into a fight, he comes back with: 

"Yeah, I know, but then there's always drums and bass, and one day even a tambourine." 

Then they kiss and the movie ends. How silly. 

I know some others, but can't remember them right now. So, if you have any ideas, email me. Until then, I have two quotes on this page. Sorry!



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