Robin's Travels

I, Robin, have traveled far and wide on this great big sphere we call home (and we call Earth). And I am proud of that fact. So, I'm going to devote a couple of pages to my traveling experiences. They are odd traveling experiences and hopefully, at some point and time, I can throw in a couple of pictures of places that I have taken, so that you guys don't think that I'm lying.

United States Travel - I live in Pennsylvania, so mostly I've seen the East coast and the Midwest. But, I do have some added experiences and some damn good stories.

North American Travel - This category includes all the spots in North America that I have gone to besides the United States. (And, don't worry, it is more than Canada and Mexico. Though I have been to both of those places!)

European Travel - I have had the lucky opportunity to travel to Europe three times and I'm excited to be going again this fall. I have tons of pictures, unfortunately not with me, so you'll have to live with your imagination and my stories.


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