The Worst Movies Ever Made

This is my time to rant about movies that I see that are awful. I mean really bad. 

Cause most movies have something about them to admire. These are the bottom of the barrel. 


Point of No Return

This movie really sucks. The plot is bad, and the acting is even worse. I'm sorry too, because I really like Gabriel Byrne, but even he can't save this movie. And the saddest part of all is that it is played all the time on TBS. They should know better. 

Simply Irresistible

This movie also hurts to say that it sucked. I forced my friend Tacia to go to this movie in the theaters with me. It's just bad and too outlandish to even be possible. If you do rent this, the only consolation you will have is to be able to look at Sean Patrick Flanery for the entire movie. Yum. Now HE is simply irresistible, not the movie. 

Down To You

(I'm sorry Juls!) This movie tried to get a hip new twist on the teen romance genre by changing it to a college romance. It didn't work. The characters are no one that I have met in my dealings. (Trust me, I doubt that anyone here at the University of Evansville is a porn star. Then again, I could be wrong...) This movie is bad. 

The Thing Called Love

This movie is about a young girl who wants to become a country singer. Yeah, cause that's where the big money is. The movie though, rambles on until she finally gives up or get a job or...I don't remember. I think I fell asleep watching it on TBS. (Do they show any good movies on that station?)


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