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I absolutely love movies. So much that if my job were to sit at home and watch movies all day long, I think that I would be up to the task. I've set up a couple of pages here in order to share some of my many thoughts on movies. 


Recent Movies - I go to the movies all the time, practically every weekend. On this page, I'll review those movies that I see and tell you about them. 

My Favorite Movies of All Time - Keep in mind that these are my favorite movies, meaning that they are the movies that I can and do watch repeatedly over and over in the period of a day and still enjoy them. These are classic movies to me, ones that you may not agree with, so no bitching. It's my opinion and I'm entitled to it. 

The Worst Movies Ever Made - Again, my opinion counts here. There comes along once in a blue moon a movie that makes me think "Why in the hell was this ever made?" This will be my page to rant about how bad a movie was. 

Classic Lines - This will be the page in which I quote from good movies and the good quotes that make you think. Also, some dumb humor from a Mel Brooks movie or some random Monty Python is allowed. It is my site after all. 

When Bad Lines Happen to Good People - This is my pet peeve. I hate to see good actors waste their time on bad movies or to see good movies/scripts throw in random bad lines in an otherwise decent movie. 

Or, if you don't want to view my site, you can go to several other sites on the internet that relate to movies. My favorites are:

Internet Movie Database

Upcoming Movies


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