I bet you can't wait.

Hey all!! I just put up some pictures that I stole from Kelly since I have to give them back before I head back over to the States. I can't believe that it's December already!! Dear God, where has the time gone? So, hopefully, I'll see you all very soon!!

I'm totally revamping the site and getting rid of my old shit. Not that I'm going to be putting up any new shit anytime soon, but at least you don't have to look at the old stuff. Check out the new pics here. I'll try to get some more up. Otherwise, simply enjoy the old stuff.

New stuff!!! Yeah!! I just scanned in some more pictures, so if you want to see more of what I'm up to now, go here, and if you want to see what my friends and I were up to this summer, go here. That's all. Enjoy your journey thru life.

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