Harlaxton Continued

Myself, Jeff, and Camille are enjoying our visit to Versailles and chilling in the gardens.

Jeff, the wine intellectual, and I having some fun at the Wine Tasting.

Kelly is so cute sitting outseide St. Paul's in London.

Camille, Jeff, and I laughing about something in front of Notre Dame in Paris. We're probably laughing at Jeff.

It's me on a pedestal!! What more can a girl ask for???

Kelly steals pictures from me. And before that, I was labeling my pictures. Yeah, I know, I can't believe it either.

Kelly and I putting on smiles at Stonehenge despite the fact that it was frickin' freezing out!

Kelly and I walked up like ten thousand stairs to get to the top and St. Paul's and you can bet that I was going to take a picture!!

The "guys" at wine tasting.
Mike, Aaron, Jeff, Dave, and Vince (from l. to r.)

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