Here is a model of what the Baths of Caracalla looked like when they were first built:

This model shows the vast gardens behind the caldarium and around the main building. You can also see the stadium and terraces for viewing the stadium spectacles located behind the gardens. 

Unfortunately, the Baths have not retained their grandeur of the 3rd century AD. Instead, they have become a pile of rubble that resembles a once great building. Few ceilings, walls, mosaics, or statues remain. Here is a picture of what the baths look like now:

Interior Design

    It is a shame to say, but we may never know exactly what the interior of the Baths of Caracalla looked like. Much of the archeological evidence we go by is in fragments, and some is assumed from what few remains exist. It is known and recorded that the interior was lavishly decorated with mosaics, sculptures, and decorated ceilings. 

Let's start by discussing the mosaics

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