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A History of The Emperor Caracalla

Mass Bathing: The Roman Balneae and Thermae

Balneae - A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities

A Day at the Baths

Thermae Antoninianae - A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome

Baths of Caracalla

Pictures of the Baths of Caracalla

Pictures from the Baths of Caracalla

Pictures of the Sculptures from the Baths



DeLaine, Janet.  The Baths of Caracalla:  A study in the design, construction, and economics of large-scale building projects 

    in imperial Rome.  Cushing-Malloy:  Ann Arbor, 1997.  

Ramage, Nancy H. and Andrew Ramage.  Roman Art:  Romulus to Constantine.  Prentice Hall Inc.:  Upper Saddle River, 2001. 


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