Blarg. It's just one of those days where you just want to sleep all day and veg out. Lay like broccoli. Thankfully, I don't have much homework for tomorrow, so my afternoon will consist of watching a movie and taking a nap. It's doesn't get much better than this folks. My friends and I managed to get a bootleg (shh...) copy of Snatch, so that will be soon added to my recent movies page whenever I get the time to watch it. Hopefully sometime this weekend. Well, I'm out, but I did manage to add to the quotes page. You should go there and enjoy. I didn't link it. Move your lazy mouse over to the left and find quotes. Now. 

02/20/01 (just barely)

    Well, I'm still alive, but barely. I'm feeling out of sorts this evening which is unusual for me. But today has just been a plain odd day. I did get to see yet another depressing world cultures movie (can't we learn about anything happy) and to go pet the cats at PetsMart. We (my friends and I) were all feeling depressed, so we went to the local pet store to see the cats and cheer us up. It worked, sort of. I felt calmer, but I missed my cat, Kitty Girl. She happens to be known as the loudest cat in the world. After break next week, I bring back a picture and show her to you guys. I'm sure you'll love her. (Except Tacia. She's not a big Kitty Girl fan.)


    Can we have a moment of silence please for my favorite jeans? Unfortunately, they just now formed a hole in the knee after faithful service. They will still be worn (oh yes, they will still be worn), but they cannot be worn in public at social/academic gatherings. It will just be me and my jeans, and no one else will know their splendor. *sigh* *sniff, sniff* *sigh*

    Chem lab is good this week. I got out 45 minutes early. Hip hip hooray! So, I've had time to update my classic movie lines page (still in progress) and I added 2 movies to my favorite movies page. You should thank me. I'm skipping my nap time to work on this page!


    Damn, this month has gone by really fast. I managed to squeeze in a few minutes on my hellish Mondays to get some time to post here. Blarg. That's all I have to say. I'll add a few more quotes to the quotes page and a couple of caption to the new pics page, but that's about all I have time for. Never, ever take organic chemistry unless you need it for your major. It's the devil!! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm screaming now and I haven't even gone there yet!!


    Technically, it's the 17th, since it's about 1:57AM here in Evansville. So I put that. I just got done watching Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, one of my all time favorite movies. Damn, that movie just cracks me up. And since I'm wired from my nap from earlier today, I thought I'd start to fix my webpage. Nothing like late night addition to the page. 

    I had a fun time shopping tonight with Katie, Kelly, and Eric. We made fun of the teeny boppers in the mall and went on a hunt for the perfect male ass. We tried to find a bubble butt too, but that didn't happen. We did however, get some pictures back from Wal-Mart from when we took a walk at 2 AM on a Saturday night and randomly took pictures of us around campus. I'm going to try and get those scanned and up on my page by the middle of next week. 

    I hope that all my friends from back home had a good time at the Vertical Horizon concert. You all know that I would have given my right leg to see that concert. (And that's my good leg too!) 

    You'll probably not have any updates from me  until Sunday, cause I'm heading off to the wild world of Louisville to visit my friend Julie and her high school's production of Once Upon this Island. Sounds interesting, and it's supposed to be really good, so we'll see. Until then. 


    Sorry for the lack of updates, but it's the sad life of a college student that tears me away from my computer. (Actually, since I put some much time into this webpage on Tuesday, I got behind on my school work and had too much to do. Plus, I had to watch must-see TV last night. So sue me!) Anyway, the sad state of things is that it's still raining here (it has been for the whole week) and that it never lets up. 

    I skipped my first class today and I feel bad for it. I only got 5 hours of sleep last night and I was hurting today (this morning at my 8 o'clock) so I took a nap from 10-2. It was only college algebra, which is an easy class, since I took it in my freshman year of high school, so it doesn't really matter. But I still felt bad. I'm a loser. 

    I'm going to go shopping this evening if only to relieve some tension and get off campus. It's really sad when college students get excited because they are going to Wal-Mart. I know I do. 


    I'm in the process of doing a whole mess load of changes to this site. I changed my font (just for you Katie) though I don't know why you though that it was hard to read anyway. But since this has been all about my site so far, I thought that I would update you on a few things that happen in my life. 

    First off, I've come to the conclusion that somewhere, in the far recesses, I feel the need to have my underwear  match my clothing choices for the day. That sounds really weird, because it is. Usually, I just put on whatever I feel like in the morning. More often than not, what I feel like happens to correspond with what my underwear looks like. Classic example: this morning. I get up, take a shower, get dressed, the usual. After lunch today, I go to the bathroom and I realize that for some strange reason, my underwear and my shirt are pretty much the same color. Weird huh? I didn't even mean for that to happen. It just did. 

    In other news, today is Valentine's Day. And I hate Valentine's day. Why is it that on February 14th, every guy must prove to his girl that he loves her? Shouldn't he be doing that on any random day? So, I'm opposed to this holiday. Not that I have a guy or anything, but it's still stupid. The other reason why I hate it is because in high school, my school handed out carnation and it was always some stupid tradition to see who got the most and that was how popular you were. Very stupid, I know. But anyway, the weirdest thing happened today though. Apparently, the choir here is selling cookies to send to people and I got one. The weirdest thing is that there was no name on it. It just said anonymous. Hmmm.....


    It's not like I don't have a ton of homework to do, but I did spend a better part of today revamping and adding to my movies page. So go there and enjoy. And, I'm proud to say, that Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is up for an Oscar for best picture and best foreign film. It ought to win both. Never heard of the movie? Head over to my recent movies page to see my review of this movie. 


    Okay, so I decided that I was going to do some research and look for a picture of crushed pineapple, since that's what this site is dedicated to. Oddly enough, I couldn't find one. Dammit. Oh well, here's my picture of pineapple chunks which I guess would be crushed pineapple in larger pieces. Well, you will have to get there yourself and see it. http://www.dole.com/health/packaged/can_pineapple.ghtml Go and have fun. Explore what pineapple can be made into. The Dole people know what they're talking about. 

    Crushed pineapple is the ultimate oppressed fruit. Because pineapple, in the whole, receives plenty of attention. But it's lesser known variety, crushed pineapple is hidden from the rest of the world. The Dole people know that this is a big product, just look at how many recipes contain crushed pineapple. I mean, the ultimate pineapple food, pineapple upside-down cake has crushed pineapple as it's main ingredient. But it never gets mentioned by name, it is simply grouped under the main title of pineapple. If this isn't oppression, I don't know what is.